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WordPress Bundles Sneak Peak

WordPress Bundles Sneak Peak

I’m excited to announce a sneak peak of a new WordPress plugin we have in development. We are 80% complete but need your help to finish the project.

This is a plugin that will be super useful for many developers and site owners, so any feedback or ideas would be appreciated.

What does Plugin Bundles do?

When we build our sites we always use a core set of plugins. Most developers have a blueprint WordPress site. It will have a theme and set of plugins all set up and ready to go. We use our Bamboo framework with WooThemes Canvas on our blueprint site.

Plugin Bundles gives you a bit more freedom with your blueprint site.  You rarely want a single plugin installed.

Our bundles plugin let’s you download and install a selection of plugins with a single click. This makes managing your site much easier. For example when we debug a site we install about 8 plugins that help us fully debug a site. With bundles we can download and install these all with a single click and then remove them with a single click.

Major time saver.

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The possibilities of Plugin Bundles

The plugin will be free and open sourced. We’ll get it up on GitHub shortly. We think this could make managing plugins from the WordPress repository much easier. But we need to create a curated bundle list. We are using a JSON feed with the plugin and we can keep this updated. Are there any bundles you would like to see?

So far we have two plugin bundles:

Our Essentials Bundle

Cookies for Comments, Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades, Image Widget, Simple Image Sizes, WordPress Importer, WordPress SEO, WP Security Audit Log

Debug Bundle

Debug Bar, Debug Bar Constants, Debug Bar Post Types, Debug Bar Post Meta, Debug Bar Cron, Theme Check, Plugin Check and Query Monitor


Your Bundle…

Leave your ideas in the comments. We aim to build a submission system in the future which will let everyone add their own bundles. But for the moment please let us know what you would like to see in the comments.

Inspiration for Plugins

The following sites have a great selection of plugin reviews: