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WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce Support

I get asked the same question way too much. At our last WooCommerce London Meetup I had it again.

Why does WooCommerce support suck?

It really pains me to hear this. I liken it to going sailing. If you want to sail but are not a skipper, then these are your options:

  • You can go on a flotilla with other ship mates.
  • You can get a boat and a skipper.
  • You could just go on a narrow boat, which won’t take you on the high seas but it’s a great way to start your journey.

If you buy the Yacht on it’s own, you can’t expect it to sail it alone.

There’s an expectation that if you buy a Yacht, you’re gonna have to sail it yourself. You’ll have to fix it yourself. Want to do something unusual, well you can do that, but you’ll need an expert.

And so it is with WooCommerce. It’s a fantastic vessel to set sail in, but if your not a sailor you’ll need help. WooCommerce offer support, but they won’t teach you to sail or fix your site if you have made customisations.

Wolf of Wall Street on his boat
Benefits of having a WooExpert at the helm

Setting Expectations

I think the problem here is that we think WooCommerce is going to be simple. The WooCommunity has to shoulder some blame here. We push that message too much. It’s simpler but not simple.

It’s not Shopify.

There I said it! It’s much much more than Shopify, but if you want a get up and go store you might be better off with one of the hosted alternatives.

It’s like the narrow boat (in my very stretched) metaphor above. It’s aimed at a different market and for different requirements. It’s not better or worse.

I don’t think WooCommerce should be focusing on this market share at the moment.

Let’s wait until WordPress.com integrates with WooCommerce – which will happen now Automattic has acquired WooThemes. A hosted WooCommerce will be much better suited.

This is a big part of the problem. It’s why there is this notion that WooCommerce support isn’t upto scratch. Customers who would be better suited to Squarespace or BigCommerce are using WooCommerce.

Did you say, don’t use WooCommerce?

No, I’m saying let’s get expectations right before starting. Take a look at our guide about when and why to choose WooCommerce.

I think it should be a pre-requisite for store owners to have one of the following:

  • A CTO as part of your Ecommerce Team
  • A WooCommerce Freelancer
  • A WooCommerce Agency
  • A WooCommerce Consultant

In other words a WooCommerce Expert. A good skipper. These are the people who should be fielding the support questions.

So is there any WooCommerce support?

Yes, but only for paid product installations, configurations and use. Check out the WooCommerce Support Policy for more info.

We’ve also written about how to get your support ticket answered.

And finally, click here to contact WooCommerce Support – make sure you bookmark that link as sometimes they limit how many questions you can ask. That link let’s you ask more. Useful if you have a bunch of questions!

Where to get support (if I don’t goto Woo)

Click here for more information about how to find WooCommerce Help.

What do you think about Woo Support? Have you found it good or do you just get referred to the WooExperts/Affiliates? How does it compare to other ecommerce solutions? Let us know the comments.