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WooCommerce ROI Report

WooCommerce ROI Report

We’re making our Grow Plugin for WooCommerce even better!

Currently we show how metrics are performing so you can make informed marketing decisions. For instance you can see whether you are hitting your visitor targets for the month. Instantly. Just load up Grow and get your forcast.

There are lots of WooCommerce Reporting Plugins out there that drown you in data. Our aim is to provide you actionable intelligence.

Now we want to measure how much you are spending and how much you are making on different channels. We want a quick way to see how your money is being spent – your return on investment (ROI).

Download our Free Google Spreadsheet

The core of the Grow plugin is replicating what ECommerce managers across the world are doing in Excel.

One of the core benefits of our plugin is that is always up to date and accessible from the backend. We take live data from your store and Google Analytics – automatically.

We have created a Google spreadsheet that is public for anyone to view and comment on. You can use this in your own business.

This will be the template we use in the plugin, so we would love to have any feedback. We want to refine the spreadsheet to provide the most useful and actionable information from it.

View the WooCommerce ROI Google Spreadsheet