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WooCommerce Launch Essentials

WooCommerce Launch Essentials

The key to a smooth site launch is preparation and testing. First and foremost we suggest putting your eCommerce team together.

Once that is in place create a standardised manual for the entire team. Everytime you solve a problem or set something, write out the steps you took. For example, the process to complete an order and dispatch.

This ensures there is a consistent approach across the company.

There are also technical considerations that are important. Here is our suggested checklist:

Pages to Create

  • Cookies
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Sitemap


  • Test a real order
  • Refund the order
  • Make a note of the emails sent – were these all correct
  • Make sure unwanted payment gateways are removed (like BACs and Cheque)
  • Check whether you need HTTPS for your payment gateway and whether this is setup correctly


  • Check upto date
  • Check Licenses for Pro
  • Deactivate debug plugins
  • Remove deactivated plugins

WP Config Settings

The file wp-config.php sits in the root folder of your WordPress site and includes important commands that setup the site. When developing there are some debugging options set here. You don’t want these enabled as you go live. Make sure they are removed.

Make sure you have set a higher memory limit as WooCommerce needs more than the default memory.


We suggest installing WordPress SEO by Yoast. Head over to our guide on best Yoast SEO settings.

Page Settings

  • Check your cart and checkout pages are full width
  • In the WooCommerce > Settings we suggest enabling redirect to cart on add product


A business critical item. Head over our guide on setting up WordPress Emails to learn more about what to check.