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WooCommerce Growth Hacking

WooCommerce Growth Hacking

I had a great Clarity call yesterday with a shop owner who is already setup on WooCommerce. They were taking sales but weren’t hitting their growth targets. They needed some WooCommerce Growth Hacking to get them more sales.

So we first looked at what they were doing. They were spending lots on Facebook and Google ads but weren’t getting returns. What did I suggest?

Split growth into on-site and off-site. Or more crudely: Increasing conversion and growing traffic..

Growing your WooCommerce traffic

I’ve mentioned before that setting up an eCommerce store is like building a shop in the middle of the desert. You don’t get foot fall just by existing.


A strong proposition alone won’t cut it either. You need well placed signs directing people to your site. This is key to getting high quality traffic. Signs that are shown to the right people, at the right time.

Highly targeted and good quality.

Metrics to consider

Here are they top line metrics to be tracking for your site and how they impact your Net Revenue.

Visitors x Conversion Rate = Orders
Orders x AOV (Average Order Value) = Revenue

Track these now! Compare what works and what doesn’t. When I was working as an ECommerce Manager in London I would have to have these figures on the top of my head. If the boss came over and I didn’t know, it was game over.

It should be the same for you.


The Growth Hacking Checklist

Below is our essential checklist for growth hacking your WooCommerce store. Track what works and what doesn’t. Look at the four metrics and see how they change.

Rinse and repeat. Always experiment.

  • Track your SEO (Use a tool like Positionly )
  • Guest Blog within your niche
  • Talk and link to other online creators, bloggers and services in your niche
  • Use JetPack to Sync across social media
  • Competitions – Something creative but specific will generate links and awareness but not low quality ‘compers’.
  • Optimise your Yoast SEO Settings
Paid Advertising
  • Use a professional rather than doing yourself. We suggest Kudu.
  • Stick to a strict CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. How much can you spend to create an order?
  • Blog regularly and relevantly
  • Blog with SEO keywords in mind (and track them!)
  • Include Social sharing on blog posts
Email Marketing
  • Mailchimp or MailPoet integrate well with WooCommerce
  • Start building your list and segment this list
  • Include:
    • Latest Blog Posts
    • Offers and exclusive rewards

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation. It’s important and we have a blog post just about this. Head there for more information.

Increasing AOV

I need help with this!

Each site is unique and should be treated as such. Want to work with us? We can improve your growth with our part-time WooCommerce CTO package. Click the link to learn more about what we offer and how we can grow your business.