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WooCommerce Emails

WooCommerce Emails

A quick guide to where to set up your emails. When a site comes out of development it’s important to check these emails. The site will often have these set to the developers own email while they tested the site.

The main emails used on a WooCommerce site using a WooTheme are:

Email Type Settings
Orders WooCommerce > Emails
Inventory WooCommerce > Products > Inventory
Woo Contact Canvas > Contact Page
Contact Form 7 Contact > Contact Forms
General Settings > General


Order Emails

These are the emails sent to the customer once they make a purchase. We suggest creating an email along the lines of orders@domain.com or customer-services@domain.com and have these managed separately.

Inventory Emails

Usually assigned to your admin@domain.com email. This is useful if you are using inventory managment. For more options you can also purchase the Advanced Notifications plugin mentioned below.

Contact Form

If you are using a WooTheme contact form then you will need to have your email setup here. This is for general enquiries.

Site General

For all your general system admin tasks and site information such as lost passwords and user creation. Ideally have these sent to your admin@domain.com


Other Email Addresses

Contact Form 7

We often use Contact Form 7 plugin for more advanced contact forms. If you have custom fields or you have multiple contact forms then this plugin is highly functional. You will need to visit the Contact Form 7 settings and edit the email addresses per form created.

Gravity Forms

We will use Gravity Forms when we require conditional forms. A conditional form allows you to hide and display areas of a form based on what a user has selected. Just like our own contact form. This scratches the surface of what Gravity Forms can do. The emails used are managed on a per form basis within GravityForms.

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WooCommerce Email Extensions

Follow Up Emails

A great tool for setting up an automated marketing campaigns for your customers. Trigger a series of emails over time based on a customer order. Higly adaptable:

View extension on WooCommerce Marketplace

Advanced Notifications

Can be used to trigger emails to various email addresses with different criteria. Use this tool to create bespoke business processes. For instance a low stock email can be sent to a number of email addresses. Or an email can be sent for orders including products from a specific category.

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Common Problems and Dedicated Email SMTP

WordPress sends these emails from your server. This can cause problems and is often a source of pain for many sites. We have seen many emails bounce or go straight to spam when sent from the WordPress installation. We have also seen problems when an email is sent to the same domain. For instance if you are sending an email from http://domain.com to admin@domain.com then some email servers filter these emails out. This is particularly painful for WooCommerce store owners who rely on order email notifications.

The good news there are some fantastic solutions that integrate wasily with WordPress and allow you to send SMTP outgoing email via their services. We advice clients to use MailChimp for our email newsletters and their sister SMTP solution called Mandrill for sending emails.

Mandrill has a freemium model and is easy to setup. The plugin can be found here.

More Information

As always we highly recomend spending time to look over the WooCommerce documentation which includes specific information about which order statuses trigger emails.

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We have added an email checker to Bamboo. Head on over and take a look at the other nifty features we have in Bamboo.