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WooCommerce Email Settings

WooCommerce Email Settings

After you have your site setup make sure to double check your email settings are set up correctly. The following areas are the key areas to check:

  • Order Emails – WooCommerce > Emails
  • Inventory Emails – WooCommerce > Products > Inventory
  • Site General – Settings > General
  • Contact Form – Canvas > Contact Page (For WooThemes Canvas themes)
  • Contact > Contact Forms (For Contact Form 7 plugin)

If you use Bamboo then you can see these settings automatically in your control panel.

Debugging Problems with WooCommerce Emails

Check which emails are being sent

There are a number of reasons you might not be receiving or sending WooCommerce emails. So let’s narrow this down. Let’s see if the emails are being sent from WordPress.

To do this we suggest using the WP Mail Logging plugin which will look at all the emails sent from the site. Use this to confirm the emails are trying to be sent.

The most common problem

We have noticed many problems when sending email from the same domain. This is nearly always how shops work. Eg. Tshirtshop.com sends order emails to sales@thshirtshop.com

If this is the case you may can try sending email with an external mail system (called a SMTP provider). We highly recommend Mandril by Mailchimp. They also have a good plugin for this which is easy to setup.

You can read more and find some other SMTP providers in the WooCommerce documentation.

The obvious one – Spam

If the Mail Log plugin shows an email is sent to you, then check your Spam filter. You never know.

Need More Information

After writing the blog post I spotted we had already written this but in greater detail the previous year! So head over to WooCommerce Emails post for more information.