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WooCommerce Custom Theme Tutorial

WooCommerce Custom Theme Tutorial

[notice]We’ve just launched our Developers Guide where we go into detail how to create your own WooCommerce theme. We talk tools and methods. A full overview.[/notice]

I’m giving a talk this February to the Brighton WordUp group. WordPress has a fantastic community and we often get together to share our skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a tinkerer or a full blown geek, you are invited. I highly recommend going along. Store managers can find some very talented people to work with. You don’t have to be in development.

But if you are interested in getting your hands deep into the code then you might like to head over to the talk I am doing in February.

Build a custom theme

I will be running through the processes we use and how we build a theme from scratch. I will be running through the tools we use and explaining why we use them. In particular we will be looking at:

  • Child Themes with WooThemes Canvas
  • Structuring your files and folders
  • Using SASS for styling
  • Using Hooks, Actions, Filters and Widgets
  • Integrating WooCommerce
  • What plugins to use
  • When to theme and when to develop a plugin

And much more.. In fact if you want to know something specific get in touch.

When and where

The talk will be held at the Skiff. We’ve been working at the Skiff for the last six months and love it there.

Head over for 7pm on Wednesday, 18th February. More details here

But I don’t live in Brighton!

No problem. Bookmark this page and head back in March. I’m going to be recording the talk and will post the audio and slides up here for you to listen to.