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WooCommerce CTO

WooCommerce CTO

Sometimes we jump and don’t make it. It happens a lot with ecommerce startups. We have everything in place, but when it comes to the jump we just don’t make it.

We land flat on our ass.



It’s something we want to change. As WooCommmerce specialists it would be easy to define what we do as development, design or configuration. But really these are just some of the ‘things’ we do.

What we are really doing is building online businesses.

We are growing ecommerce sites. We are increasing sales. That means the focus needs to be on building an online business not just building a site. So that when you jump you make the distance. You land on your feet. Some of the key components to look at are:

  • Growing traffic

  • Increasing Conversion Rate

  • Decreasing Bounce Rate

  • Optimising business processes

  • Building site partnerships

  • Improving warehousing and logistics

  • Ensuring security posture of the business

  • Nailing customer services

  • Building your ecommerce team

Becoming part of the team

These are some of the critical elements that online business require to grow. We’ve been consulting on Clarity.fm and these are the areas we often discuss. We’ve been working closely with existing clients on these items. We can see it has a huge benefit and we want to focus on it more.

These items are the responsibility of your Chief Technology Officer or CTO. It’s an oft overlooked role in ecommerce startups. But it’s the key role to getting things done and growing your business. It’s where tech and strategy meet.

In 2015 we are going to shift are focus back to our core goal: building your business. We will be your part-time CTO.

We will be offering a focus on strategy and online marketing. We will determine and implement ways to grow your business. We have the experience and knowledge that will provide real value to your company. As CTO we will demonstrate value by growing your online sales.

Trusted Partner

To grow your company we need the space and responsibility to make big decisions. We need your trust.

We will work in three month blocks and will use Google Analytics to track progress and project growth. We will make suggestions which will require spend. And we will get you a return on your investment.

That could be for copywriting, ad spend, development or other items which will improve your business. We will need you to commit to this and to trust us. We might propose some big changes to your site and core proposition.

We will test out new ways to build your business and will use analytics data to demonstrate the value of these changes. It starts with trust and is then backed up with the growth we will deliver.

We will build your business.

If you want to grow your online business, consider a part-time CTO.