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WooCommerce Cookie Policy

WooCommerce Cookie Policy

Ecommerce sites should show the cookies they are using. There was a knee-jerk reaction by the EU a few years back. Some in the community didn’t think it was very smart.

Cookie Monster
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As with most things that come out of Brussels, they are well intentioned but designed by technocrats that have little experience with the technology sector.

We just have to look at the ill-conceived VAT changes that happened this year to know this is not a one off!

It’s important people take their privacy seriously. It’s important that people are aware of cookies. But no-body wants to mess about with a hundred pop-ups.

Users don’t want it as it interrupts the shopping process. Shop owners don’t want it because this reduces the conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at how the established UK ecommerce companies manage this.


Amazon Cookie Page
Hardly noticeable. Like their tax contribution then.

John Lewis

John Lewis Cookie Page
Never knowingly under shown


Tesco Cookie Page
Every Little Cookie Banner Helps


Discreet and Implied

All these examples show discreet and implied consent messages. This complies, educates but doesn’t kill conversion rate. Once you move onto the next page the message disappears. You are not pestered to click Agree, or go to some lengthy contract which details every minutiae of the sites cookie.

Suitable Cookie Policy for WooCommerce and WordPress

We’ve found that the best and most flexible cookie plugin that follows the EU / UK guidelines is called Cookie Law Policy. Take a look and give it a go. It has all the options to set it up as above.

Privacy, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions Pages

These are three important pages you should have. They should be clear and informative. Don’t bog down your customers.

We recommend these pages are found in the footer so they can be found on all pages.

In the WooCommerce Settings page you can also add a tick box to the checkout so that customers can agree to the Terms and Conditions. I personally think of this South Park parody every time I click agree to the Terms and Conditions.



Make sure you list any conditions you have and give as much information as possible. If you are subscribing customers to your email newsletter then you should have an opt-out on your checkout and list this in the privacy policy.

Cookies used by WooCommerce

If you have any additional third party tracking then be sure to list these.

Examples of Doing it Well

We think the following sites have great Cookie Policies. Use them as a guide:

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