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Version 2 of YoGrow and Going Free

Version 2 of YoGrow and Going Free

We’ve just pushed a big update to our ecommerce analytics tool, YoGrow.

There are two main changes within this update. The first is we’re now FREE. Not just a free trial – fully free for everyone. Secondly, we’ve rebuilt our dashboard to make it much easier. First, let’s look at the new dashboard!

Redesigned based on all the feedback – thanks!
Redesigned based on all the feedback – thanks!

Why we rebuilt the dashboard

We’ve had some great feedback about our product and discovered ways we can make the product better. We got a lot more feedback once we offered the free trial without a credit card. Our goal is to make e-commerce analytics accessible and easy to understand. However, there were some assumptions that we had made.

The initial dashboard displayed three figures per metric: This months metric, the comparison metrics and the percentage difference between the two.

Our original dashboard
This is how we were displaying the metric data

This meant you could set your comparison metric as the previous month and then see the percentage difference between the current month and last month. However, a large segment of our user base is choosing our service precisely because they are not familiar with metrics or analytics. These three figures caused confusion and we needed to make it simpler.

We had written articles and provided an ecommerce metric calculator, but we didn’t want our users to train to use our service. We would prefer that they learn by doing, learn by using our service.

Our redesign makes a subtle change. We have rebuilt the dashboard to use real language.

We had some feedback that struck home: “We want to be told the status of the store like we are talking to our Head of Finance.”

So rather than providing the raw data, we have made a step towards explaining the data.

We’re now Free!

We were charging an ongoing subscription fee of $19 per month to use the service. There are a number of reasons I decided to charge from the start:

  • The tool provides measurable return on investment so it corresponds there should be cost attached
  • We could go from paid to free but would find it harder to go from free to paid

We added a free trial that did not require a credit card because we wanted to reduce the friction to the WOW moment. This helped grow our user base, so why have we now decided to make the service free.

It’s simple: we saw the benefit of a free trial. It helped grow our user base which in turn increased our feedback which helped us create a better product.

This feedback helped us identify some of our shortcomings. Armed with these insights we can refine our service and find a better product market fit.

YoGrow is monetised by the following two business models:

  • Monthly subscription for users
  • Commission on expert sales through the site

We will now remove the subscription cost, grow our user base and community to create the best growth tool for e-commerce stores. Which leads us nicely to the changes we are implementing which will help us achieve this goal.

Head over to YoGrow to create your free account — and don’t forget to let us know what you like and don’t like so we can build a better product for you.