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Top WordPress Developers UK 2018

Top WordPress Developers in the UK 2018I am very excited and fortunate to have Raison recognised as one of the top ten WordPress developers in the UK for 2018 by Clutch. Clutch talk to clients and look at the work of digital agencies and freelancers.

We are very proud of our work and the recognition.

Thanks to our clients and Clutch.

A quiet 12 months with some big clients

The blog posts have been in short supply over the last year but we’ve been very busy indeed. In particular, we have had our hands full some very large clients, building at the edge of WordPress.

We rebuilt from scratch the White Clarke Group website using _underscores and bootstrap. The site is fully multi-lingual and has a lot of custom functionality that was fun to build. Such as a careers Board which allows the international team to collect job submissions and post their own. Also we had fun building this Product explainer.

We are happy the White Clarke Group chose WordPress for this project as it has served them well.

Currently we are busy working on the Mind the Product website. The first phase is launched and that is the site you see at the moment. The next stage is currently in private beta. I won’t go into finer detail on this project, but it is a highly customised web application that integrates deeply with WordPress.

It has been great to work on these two enterprise projects and to have our work recognised by Clutch.


Update (26/02/2018): I’ve just been contacted by Clutch to let us know we’ve also been listed as a top UK ECommerce developer, which is nice. You can look at the listing on clutch here.