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Tools we use

Tools we use

We are WordPress and WooCommerce specialists and use these systems exclusively to build our sites. Below we talk a little about why we have made these choices and some of the other tools we use to build our sites.


We build exclusively with WordPress which powers the behind-the-scenes of our sites. WordPress powers 19% of the top million websites. It’s trusted, secure and open-source. There is a thriving development community for WordPress. This gives you the freedom to own your site and not get locked-in a platform or agency.

Canvas and Bamboo

We will build a child theme that uses the WooThemes Canvas Framework and the Bamboo Framework. Bamboo is a tool we created for consistency and best practice in the WordPress community. It means we don’t modify core files. This makes the site hugely more future-proof as we can easily update all frameworks without affecting your site.

The WooThemes Framework has a number of advantages that will benefit your site. These include up-to-date best practice SEO, better integration with WooCommerce and a development team who are keeping the framework up-to-date. We will template the site to allow easy creation of new pages.


We use WordPress with WooCommerce for our Ecommerce sites. 10.8% of all Ecommerce websites use WooCommerce – it’s one of the webs most trusted platforms.

One of the top features of WooCommerce is its seamless integration with WordPress. This means one single admin area to control orders, customers, products and site content.

Your eCommerce platform is one cog in your online business. Often you will need to integrate with both business processes and other applications. WooCommerce can be easily customised and has a REST API for integrations. Woo have also fostered their very own ‘App Store’ for WooCommerce extensions. This can drastically reduce development costs and it makes functionality much more accessible.

There are dozens of different ecommerce systems you can use and there are pro’s and con’s for each one. We find WooCommerce to be the perfect blend in flexibility and functionality, without compromising on quality and security –

  • Online payment – setup and integration with payment gateway/merchant.
  • Setup SSL encryption and ensure PCI compliance
  • Customer email addresses to sync with Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics and Ecommerce Analytics integration
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell modules
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • One-page checkout
  • Ratings / reviews
  • Intelligent product filtering.
  • Guest Checkout
  • Coupon vouchers
  • Dynamic pricing available (e.g. 10% on over £50 spend)
  • REST API for integrations