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Terrapass WooCommerce Upgrade

Terrapass WooCommerce Upgrade

We have recently completed an exciting WooCommerce project for a fantastic company called Terrapass who work in carbon offsetting. In Brighton the strange weather patterns are all too clear for us – we’ve had an unprecedented 3 week heat wave, which has meant fun on the beach but is a reminder of the real changes being brought about by global warming.

Terrapass provide carbon offsetting to individuals and companies but were using a legacy ecommerce store. The old store was on a subdomain, didn’t offer subscription options and was very clunky.

Adding WooCommerce to an existing WordPress site

Terrapass contacted us as Raison Online are affiliated WooCommerce specialists and wanted us to integrate WooCommerce into their existing WordPress theme. The theme had been custom developed which is not always the easiest situation because of conflicts, so we took a clone of their current site, upgraded all components and integrated WooCommerce.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 14.55.26There were two unusual elements to this store. We added the option for Terrapass to add a weight rate which allows the customer to choose their weight to determine the correct carbon offset. We then integrated this with the existing carbon calculator on the Terrapass site so that individuals and businesses can work out their carbon footprint and pay Terrapass for the carbon offsetting.

Pay monthly option

Terrapass also wanted WooCommerce subscriptions, so that a customer can pay over a set period of time. This was also added and has actually turned out to be one of the most successful products that they sell.

Unique branding for partners

Terrapass has a fantastic partnership with Salesforce who wanted to offer carbon offsetting via Terrapass. By building a unique product page on the Terrapass site, Salesforce could direct clicks over to the Terrapass site and take the sales via their existing WooCommerce store. A clever marketing idea that results in more sales.

A unique WooCommerce product page for Salesforce A unique WooCommerce product page for Salesforce