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SEO Web Design

When you are looking to build your online presence you should consider SEO Web Design. This means building your website with SEO in mind – SEO means search engine optimisation and is the practice of getting you traffic from Google by ranking for specific keywords.

Essential SEO Web Design Requirements

We’ve seen many web designers claim their sites are SEO friendly but with little details of what actually constitutes SEO Web Design. Here are some of the principle considerations you should be looking for when looking for SEO Web Design:

  • Easily to create and amend content
  • Correct use of H1, H2 and H3 Titles throughout
  • Breadcrumbs in navigation
  • HTML and XML Sitemap
  • Easily amendable Page Titles and Meta-descriptions
  • SEO Friendly Permalinks
  • Easy 301 redirects

Sorry there is a lot of jargon there! You can find out how you can apply these SEO methods in our SEO Guide. These are essential for the Google spiders to crawl your site efficiently and effectively to index your site for the correct keywords.

SEO Keyword Research

The other side of the coin in correct and targeted use of your industry’s keywords. Take a look at our work with our client Artshead and our Page 1 SERP Rankings. Here you can see how we have research the relevant keywords for their main landing page. With our SEO web design they have been 100% optimized on their landing page for these keywords. We are SEO web designers and seo surrey specialists – so we can help grow your site after it is built.

SEO takes time

SEO Is a long term project. It takes time and effort. I always think of it like a big tanker – it takes time for it turn corners but it has great momentum – when it picks up speed, so will your business. But sometimes it can take a few months to cross the Google ocean! Ok, I think I have worn that SEO web design metaphor out.

If you are looking for SEO Web Design or an SEO Company Surrey then Raison Online offer a free audit of your current online business – we’ll let you know what potential your company can realize. Contact us for more information.