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SEO in London

SEO in London

When you live in a city of 7 million, competition is always going to be tough! You need to focus on a very local area and require and agency who focus on SEO in London. We know London inside out – its no use doing local SEO and London SEO if you don’t. You need to go after the keywords that your customers are actually going to use – not just My Company London. If you are a Jewellers on Edgeware road then you need to own your street and surrounding areas – it’s no good just going after the highly competitive keywords which focus on the whole of London.

40mins from Waterloo

We moved out of London many moons ago but are only 40minutes away from London Waterloo. We are Londonders through and through but are having a little breather from the smoke. However, we are often popping up to visit our clients in London. If you are interested in a London meeting then pop over to our meeting rooms in Farringdon where we can discuss how we can help your SEO in London.

SEO and Online Marketing

We also operate as online marketing consultants who can help with your paid search campaigns and social media operations. SEO works best when it is coordinated with all your online marketing efforts. That’s why we always integrate all our page creation and article creation with web 2.0 and social media syndication services. Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot of gobbledy-gook to you – it means we make sure its shared across the net as much as possible. We always help our clients with all the Jargon… And there is a LOT of SEO jargon!

SEO Web Sites

We build our websites with SEO in mind. If you are looking for SEO in London we can either start from scratch and build a fully optimised SEO site for you or we can help develop your existing site. We are confident that 40% of the reason you rank well is down to the on-site factors. Sometimes it is essential to build an SEO site from the ground up rather than work with what already exists.

If you’re not sure what you want then we will help you. In fact, we provide a free audit of your online business for anyone looking for SEO in London. Contact us further information.