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Raison Core Version 1.2

Raison Core Version 1.2

We’re happy to announce the release of the latest version of RaisonCore.

RaisonCore is a collection of libraries, scripts and stylings. Our on-going clients can benefit from new releases. We also use many of the tools bundles in here for development and upkeep. This helps us track and check elements of your site so we can fix them quicker and better.

The latest Change Log is here:

Raison Core Change Log


Added Templating to Core
Added Style Guide as Template (Please note to change Style page to new Raison Style)
Added Form elements to Style Guide

Flexslider first image CSS preloader


Bug-fix admin menu


Force Admin bar for logged in.
Adds flexslider as default.


Added responsive media queries debug message – hidden when debug=false (eg. live site)


Added placeholder image for WooCommerce Products missing featured image


Removed image re-size as now plugin based.


Added flex-custom and flex-slide.