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Plugin Bundles WordPress Plugin

Plugin Bundles WordPress Plugin

We build WooCommerce sites with lots of tools but mainly WooThemes Canvas and our Bamboo framework. We also start our sites off with a set of plugins we think are essential. We’ve built a new WordPress plugin that makes adding these super easy and you can download it here. The plugin let’s you add and remove plugins in bulk.

Our Essential Bundle

For example you can add our essentials bundle. These are the standard plugins we install with every site we build. This includes:

  • Cookies for Comments
  • Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
  • Image Widget
  • Simple Image Sizes
  • WordPress Importer
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • WP Security Audit Log

We created our latest plugin to easily install all of these essentials in one go. We realised though that you might need different bundles of plugins for different types of sites. For example if we go onto a new site we want to enable a host of debug tools to determine whats going on and then we will want to disable them once we’ve fixed everything. The Plugin Bundles plugin we built let’s us do just that.

Only 3 bundles?!

Currently we have our first version of the plugin approved and on the WordPress Plugin repository. You can download it onto your site now. We’ve only got 3 bundles at present but we’ve made it so it’s super easy for us to add new bundles. We’ve got everything in place to expand and make this more useful for more WordPressers. If you have a bundle you want featured then please let us know and we’ll add it.

In the future we’ll add the option of submitting a bundle, but we thought it best to release our Bundle plugin into the wild before we got too carried away.

Top Secret Bundles?

We live in an open source world so we like to share, but if you want to create your own private bundles that is cool with us. For instance you may have your a set of plugins you add with a new site build. In this instance you can look up the example json feed in the plugin and then point the plugin to use this instead of our feed. Bonza!

Developer Unite

Just like with Bulk Deactivate plugin we released last month, we like to use GitHub to share our code with other developers. If you can help improve the plugin then please do. We know that grabbing images from the WP PLugin API is slllooooowww and we’d love to hear ideas on how to improve this.

Get involved on GitHub