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Page 1 SERP Rankings for Artshead

We have some great news for our London based client Artshead who have achieved some fantastic Page 1 SERP rankings for their main keywords.

Artshead are an events marketing company from London and wanted to make sure that they hit the no.1 spot for their target audience. Initially we did the web design and online marketing for Artshead. However they wanted to also focus on boosting their traffic with SEO so we ran a local SEO campaign for them focusing on the London market. Before we took on the site it was a very simple site with no rankings except for their brand name. In fact the site was basically a landing page jpeg! Talk about a tough start.

When you are working with Marketing and London the competition is always going to be good competition. We are only 3 months into our campaign and are happy to announce that Artshead are now have some great Page 1 SERP Rankings for their target keywords.

Current SERP Ranking

Event Promotion London Ranks No. 2 on Google UK
Arts Marketing London Ranks No.4 on Google UK
Events Marketing London Ranks No.5 on Google UK

SERP Rankings in the Top 3

Our work is certainly not done. In fact we suggest that it takes 6 to 9 months to reach your top spot. It takes time but is a long term investment. Remember if you need a short term fix then you need to consider Paid Search but if you want long term growth at a much better ROI then you need to focus on SEO. Or try a mixture!

From experience we have seen that you really start getting the traffic to your site from positions 1, 2 and 3. Obviously there are a lot more factors such as if a paid ad is display, whether there are maps or products above your page listing, but as a general rule of thumb we suggest that it is only when you are in the top 3 positions that you will reap your investment in SEO.

We anticipate to owning these top spots for these keywords by the end of Q4 so pop back and see if we can better our Page 1 SERP rankings and get the No.1 Spot for Google.