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Online Marketing Midlands

Online Marketing reminds me of photography. Part art and part science.We’re a team consisting of a few right brainers and a few left brainers. This is the perfect mix to get successful campaigns bringing real results to your company.

So what makes us specialists? We believe in strategy and we obey it religiously.

Too often an online marketing campaign has SEO outsourced to one company who don’t talk to the guys doing the PPC and the social media is done by someone else… These various elements meet up every month or so and it works ok and they all hit their targets. So what’s so wrong with that?

As online marketing specialists we believe if you are doing ok with that hodge-podge approach then you could be doing leaps and strides with a little coordination. Let me give some examples of how a bit of joined up thinking between the different online marketing aspects can make your business really make some traction.

Here’s a classic, one we’ve seen many marketing companies afflicted with. SEO and PPC managed separately, often under the ‘best of breed’ mantra.  First off, if your paid search agency (PPC) is not sharing data with the SEO guys then you are missing out on some golden information such as how successful are the click through from certain keywords, are they converting and what kind of call to actions work best. Classic online marketing techniques which any respectable PPC agency will be doing – but are they sharing it with their SEO agency. Probably not, they will argue it’s their IP and not yours.

Another example we’ve seen in online marketing is a complete discontinuity between the various marketing channels. For example the email promotions are different from the messages sent on twitter. And the paid search channels aren’t even mentioning the 30% off in their ad copy. It’s not surprising because its hard work for these separate elements to keep up to speed. But the consumer doesn’t care, they might see an email with a message, search for the product on Google and bam  – you’ve missed a golden opportunity to hit them with a targeted ad which is even more likely to convert.

There are a few examples of companies we’ve heard of that have missed the ball. It’s not their fault but ineveitable if your marketing is spread across a few different places.

We are a different kind of company – we work directly with the business owner and make sure that we share responsibility between us and play to each of our strengths. We have the marketing and technical experience and the business owner the knowledge of their market or industry.

We work out of Godalming, Surrey – why not pop over and meet us to see how we can help your business. We also offer a free audit of your online business – so contact us now and see how your midlands company can benefit. We’re also SEO Surrey professionals – so drop us a line if you just want Search Engine Optimisation.