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New Email Reports for WooCommerce

New Email Reports for WooCommerce

We have lots of exciting plans for our WooCommerce reporting plugin Grow.

Our aim is to produce an elegant tool that helps you increase your revenue. We know the key is good reporting. Reports that look at trends rather than swamping you in data.

We have two additions to the Grow plugin that will help with this.

You can download the latest version of Grow here.

New comparison metrics

Grow lets you set targets to compare your metrics. Users can set tangible goals. It’s far too common for e-commerce stores to play it by ear.

E-Commerce stores that keep track of their key metrics on a regular basis better understand their business and have more success in growing their revenue.

For example, you can set your conversion rate target to 4.5% and then track if you are performing or underperforming. This data can drive your strategy.

You can read a bit more about how to set up targets in our Getting Started guide.

There are now two new ways to track your progress. We have MoM and YoY.

MoM is short for a month on month, comparing the current months progress against the previous month.

YoY is short for year on year, comparing the current month against the same month the year before.

Which comparison you want to use will depend on your unique businesses. Coming into the Christmas period we understand many e-commerce merchants are keen to compare how they are performing against the previous year. For seasonal businesses, this is critical.

Month on month, however, keeps you informed about how the monthly growth is performing. Ideally once you have a feel for your business, you can set your targets that can take into consideration the seasonality and your growth ambitions.

Having these additional two metrics to use in the Grow dashboard can help you understand your business and set more realistic targets.

WooCommerce Reporting delivered to you via email

You can now setup Grow to email you weekly with an update on how your store is performing. We’ll send the same metrics shown on your dashboard direct to your inbox.

WooCommerce Email Reports in GMail
The latest WooCommerce Email Report from Grow in Gmail

Currently, we show the current months Revenue, Orders, AOV, Conversion Rate and Sessions.

You can choose which of the three comparison metrics to use in your email too. Just head to the Grow integrations tab (WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > Grow)

Version 1.1 tidy

We’ve also listened to all the feedback we’ve received (thanks!) and made a few cosmetic changes as well as fixing some bugs.

Version 1.2

We’re already working on the next batch of features. In fact, we have something big in the works that I’m desperate to talk about but will have to hold onto for the moment.

If you have any ideas and feedback about how to make Grow the best WooCommerce reporting plugin, then do leave us a note in the comments.