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New Artshead WooThemes Website

New Artshead WooThemes Website

We have a great relationship with Artshead who we’ve been working with Raison Online over the last 4 years. We built their last site in 2010 and it was due for an upgrade.

[quote]The brief: more mobile, more content and clean design. We completely overhauled their site and built it upon a responsive grid so it is optimised fully for tablets and mobiles.[/quote]

We modified the WooThemes Appply theme for this project and integrated a number of unique elements to give the site an edge.

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Doing blogging well

The site has a fantastic amount of regularly updated content so we wanted to show off all this content on the homepage. We decided to pull in slides of all the recent posts so you can get straight to the content. We think it looks ace and it also works really well on smaller screen sizes.

The blog has also been fully integrated with social media. This means the site auto-posts to twitter, is correctly integrated with Facebook so the featured image and correct titles are parsed into the Facebook wall, it has a mailchimp signup, plenty of sharing options and a fantastic related posts module to discover new content.

Bespoke Database App

One of the most significant aspects of the Artshead site is the comprehensive staff submission system we have built using Caspio. It’s a fantastic system used by around 50 staff a day to submit their latest event feedback.

All this data is collated and prepared for clients to log in and view. These reports are the life-blood of their online business and we had to ensure a smooth transition to the new website. We made sure we kept all the familiar aspects of the old site, refreshing the design and making the site responsive. Staff can now submit their feedback on location which is a huge bonus for Artshead.

These are systems for internal use, so I’m afraid we can’t show you the ins and outs of how they work, but do pop over and view their blog which lists a fantastic choice of top London events.