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Mushrooms in winter

Mushrooms in winter

We have just launched a new eCommerce store for the fantastic Espresso Mushroom Company. The company operates locally in Brighton (Yay!) and also in London, growing and supply mushrooms to the most discerning taste-buds. They have also started selling the fantastic Kitchen Garden (This is where Raison steps in).

Setup by two brothers who had a genius plan to ‘up-cycle’ used coffee beans and grow delicious oyster mushrooms.  We adore their product and it has been well received across the UK.

As their eCommerce operation grew, they wanted to establish their own web presence and take sales directly and not from Amazon. They needed a custom checkout process which would allow them to grow their business. It was time to move up from Amazon.

We built the site on the WooCanvas framework with integration with WooCommerce, a solid foundation and one our clients love. In particular it allows them to create clean and professional posts using the built in WooShortcodes. You can take a look at these shortcodes here.


Here are some of the key features of the site.



Smart phones are everywhere and not having a responsive website is SO 2011! A responsive site means the site works in lots of different screen sizes. Grab the corner of your browser and make the window the size of a mobile. That’s responsive web design. The site reformats according to the screen size. We ensure that the site is optimised for large desktops, tablets and phones. (And for those reading this on their mobile – well you already knew that!)

Delivery Chooser

The mushrooms need to be ordered in time so they grow on time. We wanted to ensure that any Christmas gifts were bought with this in mind so we added the option for customers to select a dispatch date. We have set cut off’s for the dates which are too close to Christmas too, because nobody wants to be disappointed at this time of year.


We wanted to allow a discount for bulk purchasing. With the site we built we added an incentive for up-selling the product. Once in the checkout, a dynamic note informs you of any discounts available to you.

Social integration

Both blog posts and latest recipe’s are syndicated to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the company. We have also integrated social commenting, to encourage discussion, integrated share for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and product reviews.


Single Product Page

We wanted to optimise the sales, so built the site to include a single product page. We removed unneccessary pages to reduce the number of clicks to purchase. We are confident this will boost conversion.

Customer Photo Gallery

We have integrated a social, full-screen gallery, with comments. Already the Espresso Mushroom Company website has recevied plenty of photos!


Do pop over and take a look. We’ve been growing out own and now have our second batch of mushrooms emerging! It’s dead exciting and we can see big things for the Espresso Mushroom Company. Do take a peek at their shop (