Managed WordPress Web Hosting

We use WP Engine for all our sites. It’s developer friendly and super secure. We can test updates and new features on a staging site and have full confidence in the security of your site.

ECommerce Sites require SSL encryption for security which is offered on the WP Engine PRO package for $99 per month.

We also resell the same package for cheaper – £45 per month. If you use less than 10,000 visits per month then we can include you in our package as we can buy in bulk. This is often the ideal solution for our clients.

SSL (HTTPS) Encryption This is readily available and costs start from £50 to purchase an SSL Certificate


Super Fast Hosting

UK based servers keep your WordPress site fast. Cache and Content Delivery Network included.

Safe and Secure

24/7 malware monitoring, nightly backups, uptime monitoring and a staging environment for testing.


With unlimited bandwidth you can be confident that the site will be able to operate fast with a surge of visitors.

Professional Support

Confused? Something broken? We’re here to help.


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Domain Registration and Email

It’s good to have emails separate. It gives you more flexibility, more controls over Spam and if there is ever any problem with the site you can be sure that you’re emails will stay live.
We recommend using Google Apps for your email as you can scale up and add more accounts as you grow. Google charge from £3.30 per user per month.

Staging Servers

All the sites we work on our hosted on a secure staging server. We provide 4 months free hosting on our staging server. This is plenty of time to get you up and running. However if after 4 months you are still on our servers we will invoice you for our monthly hosting package.

Free for first 4 months, then uses hosting package costs.