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London WooCommerce Meetup

London WooCommerce Meetup

The second London WooCommerce meetup is happening this month and I’ll be talking. Woo!

Whether you are developer, designer, shop owner or just dipping your toes into the Woo world then come along. You’ll learn and meet new people – it’s awesome.

It’s all about helping each other out.

Lend a hand
Lend a hand

Last month at WCLDN it was great to see the WooThemes team. We have Marina Pape in London leading the WooCommunity here and Joel Bronkowski also revealed he was heading to the smoke soon.

It’s great to see WooCommerce growing alongside an already vibrant London WordPress community.

You don’t have to be from London

Because we aren’t.

We ply our trade in Brighton and are travelling up. It’s an opportunity to learn and network with the whole of the UK. Well, at least the southeners!

Being honest about WooCommerce and WordPress

Last week I wrote about how WooCommerce is not Simple. We get many enquiries about store owners who have a half built shop and are stuck. They’ve underestimated the task at hand.

In my post I wrote about how the community needs to be honest. We need to stop selling WooCommerce as an out-of-the-box solution for non-technical users.

Yes, it is a gazillion times better than what we had even a few years ago. But it’s not all drag and drop. It’s not an iPad app. It’s not a simple-get-rich-scheme.

If we aren’t honest about this, then startup eCommerce shops won’t succeed. That wont help WooCommerce grow.

I’m going to be talking about what you need to get started for your first WooCommerce shop. Because success is not about luck.

Jammy dodger
Jammy dodger

The right Woo Ingredients

In our industry we get distracted by the tech. It’s shiny and beautiful, but we focus on the tech at expense of our business model.

My talk is titled ‘Building your first shop’ yet I am focusing most of it about structuring your business. It’s about setting yourself up for success.

I often ask clients to think of their online business as a bricks and mortar shop. A real shop in the high street. The tech; the tills, the property, the shop display, the telephones are only one component of the business.

Knowing how to use the tech in a consistent and profitable way is just as (if not more!) important. For that you’ll need a team that are all singing the same tune.

It’s important not to neglect these items, especially for a smaller site battling against the Amazon’s and EBay’s of the world.

Success for an independent eCommerce store requires a slick, personable and branded experience.

At the talk I’ll be discussing:

Want to hear something else?

I’ll take a Q+A at the end , but if there is something specific you would like me to cover in the talk please let me know by leaving a comment below.

When and Where

The talk will be in North London on Monday April 27th. See you there.

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