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June Inspiration

It’s been a manic week. Lots of new websites are in the pipeline and some great partnerships being formed. We can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow! Even the Brighton weather is acting up – we’ve gone from beautiful sunshine to thunderstorms! As long as the drizzle stays away…

So, to ease the day we’ve put a compendium of non-webby, non-wordpress and non-tech inspiration which have filled up the month. Enjoy!


Music this month has mainly had Roy Haynes on the drums. I found Haynes through some amazing gigs he played with Thelonious Monk on the East Coast in the 50’s. Mind you I was only there in spirit. Incredible to find  out he’s still jamming and really really good. Have a listen to his drum solo’s here: Roy Haynes – Well Now




Some incredible design work coming out of Brighton Uni. Really impressed by the way digital and analogue technologies have both been used and often in tandem. Absolutely loved the exhibtion and wish all the students the best of luck. Take a look at their work here: http://www.nowwhat2012.com/




J. Edgar was fantastic. Absolutely loved the photography, DiCaprio was incredible and Clint Eastwoods direction was spot on. He even did the soundtrack!

Animal Kingdom was another incredible but brutal film. Powerful stuff.





Finally, because the weather has been so hit and miss in Brighton. There has been a lot of looking out to sea wishing we had the Maltese Falcon to sail to the sun for a bit! What a beauty she would be to sail.