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Introducing YoSpec

Introducing YoSpec

TL;DR: We’ve launched YoSpec and are looking for designers and developers to join our free directory. You can even earn commission from it. Head here for more YoSpec Registration.

Yesterday was a mammoth day for us.

You might have spotted the site change a little. On the top left, there are some new links that take you to YoSpec and YoGrow. These are two new services we are offering.

YoSpec creates detailed technical specifications for clients

We found it really frustrating when you had an enquiry from a client with a vague spec.

The problem with the current way

I’m sure you’ve seen this. No budget, no clear goals. Not on purpose, but from lack of experience and a lot of expectations/misconceptions. It was frustrating for both the client and us. A lot of time can be wasted.

Often clients are not certain how to compare the value offered and make a decision on price. We know that this isn’t always the best variable to pick from by the number of jobs we’ve taken on where we have been the second, third or fourth developer they’ve turned to.

Clients can save a lot of money and stress by investing in a detailed technical specification to start with.

For the freelancer or agency, there are stress points as well. To cost the project you will need to some investigation but if that is half a day, should you charge or absorb this business cost. It depends on how likely you are to get the client and where your business is at. Perhaps you charge for a discovery phase.

So, that’s what YoSpec do. A detailed and impartial discovery phase.

We create a specification that both the client and the freelancers/agency can use. This will outline what we think is the best solution and give an expectation of cost/time.

A Directory of Experts

We will then refer the work to those on our directory (you hopefully!).

We also have a commission of 30% for any spec’s you refer us. We hope this works as a nice partnership and that both the clients and yourself get benefit from the service.

If this all sounds hunky dory then head over here to register.


We’re looking for feedback to make this an essential service for clients and freelancers / agencies. If you have any feedback, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!