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Introducing Grow with WooCommerce

Introducing Grow with WooCommerce

We’ve just launched our Grow with WooCommerce plugin. Free to download from the WordPress repository.

Ditch Excel and get Grow! No nonsense reporting for WooCommerce store owners. Get daily reports on all your key metrics and easily set targets for your business.

When we do consultancy work for clients we start by looking at the numbers. We gather the data and plot the aspirations of the company. A solid business plan requires targets.

These targets will be unique to each business but are always the same metrics. Revenue, for instance, is calculated by multiplying the visits, conversion rate and average order value together.

This is usually done on Excel and it works fine. Most financial directors live in Excel or Google Docs, but it’s not ideal.

As soon as the data updates (the next day!) the picture changes. We’ve made Grow so you never have to export your data. Just view it within the backend. Manipulate the data with easy controls and get a quick overview about whether you are on target and how each metric is performing.

We have built Grow to save shop owners from constantly exporting their data from WooCommerce and Google Analytics into a spreadsheet. We put this data in a single place within the WordPress backend and provide some fantastic tools to boot.

Easily set targets

Grow with WooCommerce Settings Screen
The settings screen when you first setup your targets
Grow with WooCommerce Screenshot targets full
You can set global rules or granular rules to set your targets

We have an interface to set your targets for the year. Easily slide the growth calculator and change all your targets. If you want 10% growth, slide to here and you will see how this impacts across all metrics.

Alternatively if you know that there is seasonal slump in visits in January, then you can adjust your targets accordingly.

Head to our Grow Guide which has more information about setting up the plugin.


Our little Grow dude is called Growl and you may see him pop up along the way. He’ll be pointing out advice and help to get you set up.

You can read some more about Growl here.

Premium – Our plans for the future

We have built this as a free plugin to use – yay!

We have lots of ideas to make this tool even better and will be developing these as a paid-for premium extension.

If you think we are onto something and would like additional features then please get in touch and we will aim to include your feedback.

Thanks for your support! Let us know what you think in the comments.