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We're increasing our rates

We're increasing our rates

We believe in transparent pricing. It provides a no non-sense guide to working out the cost of projects. It’s why we have our price list listed on our front page.

In 2015 we will be increasing our day rate. We will honour all proposals sent with our previous day rate. We are increasing our rate as we have not increased it for a few years and are now offering greater value to our clients.

We have honed our skills and can help you grow your online business even more. We provide greater value to you and we are investing more in our team (more to come on that in January!).

We have an awesome new Bambino SASS framework and are offering huge value with our new part-time CTO offering. 2015 is the year we focus on your growth.

We’re also contributing back to the WordPress community by open sourcing our plugins. We were inspired by Matt Mullenweg’s talk at WCEU this year.

Getting Burnt

At least 10% of our enquiries start with: “My freelancer has gone AWOL”, “I’ve fallen out with our designer”, “I’ve tried building a site myself but I’m having problems”, “I’ve got a website that is full of bugs”.

It’s a real shame as a lot of people get burned and it gives the web industry a bad name.

The truth is we all get burnt if we don’t do our home work. We get burnt if we cut corners. If it’s cheap, then it’s cheap for a reason.


It’s a false economy to choose on price. Choose on value. It will save you time and it will let you grow your business.

If it’s cheap, you’ll usually pay for it in the end.

And sometimes that’s fine. But for an ecommerce business it shouldn’t be. There is too much at stake not to invest in your site. Often we have to turn down businesses that have burnt their budget. They have a site that doesn’t work and they need to start from scratch. It’s horrible to see.

It’s an expensive lesson to learn, but it’s probably the most important one in business.

I suggest looking at this article about how much a WordPress website costs which outlines the various rates of freelancers. You’ll see it varies greatly.

Have a look around and find a partner that fits your budget and requirements. As a starting point I highly recommend using a website called clarity.fm. You can talk to me (Elliot) on there and we can discuss your project before you invest in development.