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Client Feedback

Client Feedback

At times we will require you to provide us with feedback in order to move on to the next step. Where possible we will give you a specific amount of time to complete this feedback, as outlined below.

Specification (1-2 days)

We need to collect the specifics of your site build. Following a meeting we will ask you to provide us with all the necessary information and to approve our specification.

Design Feedback (5 days)

If your website is being designed by us we require feedback of these design visuals. This is a crucial area of feedback so please take the time to consider our designs.

Build Feedback (5 days)

Once we have completed the build you will be given access to our staging server. On every page we have a feedback box. Click on this to draw on the web page and then send the feedback directly back to us.

Client Live (2 weeks)

We recommend setting aside time before going live to organize your training with us, curate your content, check product inventory and to get familiar with the new system so that you are confident your business processes are in order.

Please Note: We outline the above in order to make it clear to you that the length of a project is dependent on these periods being completed on time by you, the client. It is important that we stick to these timescales so that we can stay on track. If you are working in a team please elect one person to collate all your feedback for us to avoid confusion/time wasting.