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Buddypress Site for Kasabian

Buddypress Site for Kasabian

This project was very rock and roll! And that’s just looking at the job spec. We were asked to build a Buddypress social network that reflected the Kasabian brand and that would allow the Kasabian fans to keep in touch with each other and the latest Kasabian news. KasabianLive was already a hugely popular site that was built using SocialGo, but the KL wanted a hosted solution and wanted mobile and tablet friendly design so we built a new site based on WordPress. Buddypress and WooCommerce.

We migrated across all existing content and users so the transition would be as seamless as possible. The site has been live for a number of months and is still buzzing with activity. Take a look at the KasabianLive site here.

But First…

The new KasabianLive site is this good
The new KasabianLive site is this good


WooThemes Canvas Framework & Buddypress

We build the majority of our sites using the WooThemes Canvas framework and although there was not out-of-the-box support for Buddypress and Canvas, we decided to integrate them in any case. The results are a really cool site that has thousands of users accessing and uploading content to it every day.

WooCommerce Ready

The KasabianLive team wanted the option to be able to add a WooCommerce store later on, so we built the site with this functionality ready to be turned on. One of the reasons we choose the Woo Canvas framework is that we can build the site so it is future-proof. As and when the team decide to sell, the site will be ready.


We also integrated BBPress into the site. It’s a fantastic forum module and is integrated well with Buddypress, WordPress and WooCommerce. A logged in user can move easily between all these modules and get the most out of all of them.


One of the most important aspects of the site is it’s rock solid blogging platform. All credit goes to the power of WordPress here. We believe in building our sites so the content created in the back-end appears as close as possible to the end result. Adding images, videos, galleries and lots of content needs to be simple for the content team to commit to the blog. With over 100 pages of content we are proud to say the team love the new system