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Brighton WordPress Freelancers

Brighton WordPress Freelancers

There is an awesome WordPress scene in Brighton. In particular we have:

If you are interested in getting more involved then join our chat on Slack.

You can also turn up to the above events – it’s a great opportunity to meet others in the WordPress community. The meetup’s aren’t just for developers.

Finding a Brighton WordPress Freelancer

We specialise in WooCommerce and WordPress but we’re often booked up ahead of time and like to refer work locally when we can’t take it on.

There is a huge demand for WordPress at the moment and it’s only growing. It might be frowned upon as poor business in other industries to help your ‘competition’, but most WordPressers are keen to help out others nearby.

So, here is a list of the WordPress agencies and freelancers we know of. If you’d like a mention then let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

Brighton Freelancers

Brighton is also a great place for freelancers and agencies who work with WordPress.

You can find a bunch of us at:

Head on over and introduce yourself and you’ll soon find some help.

Costs and Words of Wisdom

I saw a tweet today that said paying $15 per hour for a developer is not how you solve problems, it’s how you create problems.

You should be looking at daily rate between £250 – £600 for a skilled WP developer

Here is that famous good and cheap quote that normally does the rounds on the LinkedIn motivational circuit. It’s always important to bear this in mind.