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Brighton Ecommerce

Brighton Ecommerce

Brighton has a thriving digital scene. It’s one of the reasons we decided to set Raison up here. We’re under an hour’s train ride to London Victoria and London Bridge. Thirty minutes to London Gatwick International Airport.

It’s a fantastic place geographically, but it has a certain something else which attracts such a vibrant scene. That’s why we setup our Brighton WordPress agency here.

I think it’s the sea.

I’m writing this now whilst looking out at the sea. Even the most hardened cynic couldn’t argue that there is a calming effect looking out at all that water sloshing about and smashing into the beach. It’s fantastic to have this by the bustle of a city.

We call Brighton the San Francisco of the UK.

And for good reason. It has the creative flair of the west coast and it’s also got a burgeoning Silicon Beach. Tech startups, web businesses and entrepreneurs are on the rise.

Brighton Fuse created a fantastic report with some amazing insights into how Brighton and Hove is thriving. Take a look.

Hat tip to our design partner Puree who did the design for this report. We think it looks ace.

There is also this Tech City Report which gives a glowing assesment of Brighton.

Brighton is the first place people look outside of London for those who want a more creative place to conduct business.

Co-Working in The Skiff

We work in the Skiff in the North Laines. It’s a community and a co-working space. It’s populated by freelancers and businesses. Designers, developers, artists, illustrators, sound designers, copy writers, accountants. To name just a few.


The Skiff also hosts regular talks such as the one we gave on how we build our WordPress sites with WooThemes Canvas. It’s a great space and a major asset to the digital community in Brighton.

Recently, we have changed our business model and teamed up with a design agency who sit opposite us in the Skiff. The Skiff helps facilitate partnerships and we’re all the better for it.

Meetings in Brighton

If you would like to meet up with us, then let us know and we can organise a meeting at the Skiff.

brighton meetings

If you are looking for some general help with WooCommerce then click the link there for some advice.

Alternatively I am available on phone via Clarity for some WooCommerce consultancy.

Brighton Tech Meetups

As well as building e-commerce websites for Brighton businesses we are also involved in the local WordPress community. WordPress is open source and relies on a volunteer network to improve the core product.

You’ll often find us at WordUp Brighton. Feel free to join us there where we will be discussing and contributing back to the WordPress community.