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BeachPress 2015

BeachPress 2015

I recently read about a Product + Surf retreat that has been happening in South Africa. What an awesome idea. There must be surfers in the WordPress community in Europe I thought.

I was praying that WCEU 2015 would be in Lisbon, Portugal so I could get some surfing in and have a great WordCamp.

Last night I was at the preparation for the Brighton WordPress contribution day. We were talking about WordPress Europe and the awesome time we had in Bulgaria last year.

I suggested we set up a SurfPress. A surf and code session. I got some really enthusiastic support from the group. They said shout about it and see if anyone shouts back.

Well, strange enough we learnt this morning that the next WCEU will be in Seville, Spain. I’m stoked – what a cool city to have this in. I tweeted this morning about it and had a good response. So here is that first ‘shout out’.

Apres WCEU – Cadiz Surfing

Spain has great surfing in the north, but I have heard that the south west is also a good spot. Cadiz gets some Atlantic swell and is about one hour twenty from Seville. So there is an opportunity to tag a ‘surf and code’ week on after WCEU.


I’ve been told we can’t call it SurfPress as a magazine already exists with that moniker. BeachPress has the thumbs up because it’s a bit more inclusive (allows the sun bathers to get involved).

What would be involved in BeachPress

  • Surfing
  • Chilling
  • Coding
  • Non-coding (just like a WordCamp, this is open to anyone)
  • Contribution Day
  • Hackathon

I am open to ideas. We could get together to build a product in a week. We could do talks. We could have an extended contribution day. We most definitely will be catching waves.

Good Idea – Wrong Time

It’s been mentioned it might be better to have this as a separate event because it can be difficult to get visas and the time to do both. What do you think? Please leave a message in the comments to let me know. If we get enough interest then I’ll get a bit more serious. So far we have about 5 people interested.