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Autumn Update

Autumn Update

It’s been a busy few months! Brighton has been spoilt silly with the digital festival, BrightonSEO and a beautiful summer. Blog posts have been sparse as we’ve been working on lots of exciting new projects which should be going live within the next month. I can only share a few tidbits but we will be posting about them as and when they are live.

Changes in our offering

More and more websites are maliciously being targeted. It worried us and we have changed how we now provide websites. We now provide constant monitoring or your site, of downtime, malware attacks, for updates, for Google blacklisting, visitor analytics and for SEO ranking. These give us the key metrics to identify the pulse of your site and make sure it is healthy. We backup our sites nightly which together with our Sucuri service means that any hiccups or problems can be fixed. Quickly.

We also now insist on hosting all websites. Many clients come to us with existing accounts with some of the major hosting providers (godaddy etc.). We trust our own servers and own measures to prevent malicious activity. We don’t believe it is worth the risk to go cheap.

Do take a look at the full list of services we bundle with our packages.

WooThemes and Buddypress

We have officially been certified as Affiliated WooWorkers. We are big fans for the company and for the frameworks their designs are built upon. In particular we have been building a lot of sites with WooCommerce ecommerce functionality. We have just revamped the Burst Times website to include the option for an annual subscription to their magazine. All using WooCommerce. Take a look here.

We have been heavily modifying the Canvas Framework, pushing it past it’s intended use with two Buddypress sites with great affect. It’s well designed and works beautifully on tablet and mobile.

One of these new sites is going to be Mega! We’re dead excited about it. It will Rock. It’s a huge undertaking and we can’t quite talk about it at the moment. The other Canvas Buddypress site we have built is a revamp of Artfulworks. They have expanded their WordPress Membership site to include Buddypress social networking functionality. It’s early days but will be great for London based artists. One to watch.