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Are you an Expert in Growth Hacking? Join us at Raison

Are you an Expert in Growth Hacking? Join us at Raison

We’re looking for 20 of the top marketers to join us. Our reporting service launches soon. It is aimed at e-commerce stores who will be able to find growth experts to help them increase their revenue. We’re taking on 20 experts to start with. You’ll get regular work, commission on referrals and a bio page about yourself. It’s also free for the first 20 experts.
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Last month we launched our Grow with WooCommerce plugin which has been well received as a WooCommerce Reporting plugin.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback and keep adding to the product. Version 1.1 was shipped two weeks ago which included email reports.

Our reporting tools simplify how store owners can understand their data and make intelligent marketing decisions from it. Our latest offering is more than just new functionality.

We’re changing how we do reports – we’re moving to a Saas solution.

There are a few benefits we gain from moving to a Saas model. We can focus on development and be confident everyone enjoys the latest additions we add. We’ve got a busy development schedule ahead of us.

But more than that we can add a human touch.

Introducing Raison Experts

No tool in the world can compete with the knowledge of a professional. Our latest feature lets you access an Expert from your dashboard.

You will be able to share your analytics data with our trusted experts. Use their experience, skills and services to grow your sales. An expert will submit growth proposals which you can then track.

We’re talking about full transparency. Clients can see clearly the targets of a proposal and get live updates. As an Expert, you will get quality proposals from e-commerce sites.

We are hand-picking our team of Experts and also provide client feedback on experts. You will be able to sort and filter the Experts by how they perform.

First call for Experts

So, enough talk about the experts – who are they? Well, it could be you.

We’re now taking submissions from freelancers and agencies who specialise in growing e-commerce stores. Whether that be through increasing traffic, through strategy, conversion optimisation or your own take on how to achieve growth.

As an Expert you will get:

  • Leads from clients for work
  • Partner page on our site
  • 30% commission for all referred signups

We’re taking on 20 of the best online marketers to join our new Expert programme.

If you would like to join, please register here