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Announcing Bamboo

Announcing Bamboo

Our sites are built with a mix of WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes Canvas Framework and Bamboo. Bamboo is our baby and we’ll soon be offering this plugin on this site.

Sorry, what will Bamboo do?

Bamboo is a framework and a methodology. It provides the tools and the processes to build futureproof sites. Best practices refined. It’s a key asset in Raison’s toolkit and now we’re letting code ninjas worldwide add it to their utility belt.

If you develop on WordPress, you will love it and so will your clients.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is strong, lightweight and very flexible. Perfect building material.


We are currently looking for early adopters. If you are a freelancer or agency then please sign up for an advance copy of the plugin

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Whats the catch?

No catch. We look to monetise this by offering premium extensions, our Bambino child theme (more on that in another post) and an eBook explaining the methodology is in the works. The main Bamboo plugin will be free to use.

I’m an existing client of Raison – what does this mean?

You wont need to change anything. Before Bamboo there was Raison Core (great name right!). This was invisible to you. Raison Core will become Bamboo. The new Bamboo plugin will work in exactly the same manner as the Raison Core plugin but will be a new and separate plugin with way more cool stuff.